Our approach

Our approach to place-led interventions aims to enhance the lives and opportunities of our tenants. We put people before property. By understanding the environment from the community’s perspective, before considering changes to the built environment, we can promote the health, happiness and wellbeing of our tenants and wider residents.

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Meaningful change

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We want to work in partnership with tenants, wider residents and communities. We listen to people to understand what matters most. Through our conversations, we can shape the future together.

We do this to enhance lives and opportunities, delivering long-lasting, meaningful change for generations to come.

We listen to people to

understand what matters most

The Abbey, Thetford

Since 2019, we’ve been speaking with residents on The Abbey in Norfolk, to understand what matters to them. As a result, we know that whilst there is a strong community spirit, there are significant issues too; issues which will likely be worsened by the coronavirus pandemic.

We know that doing nothing is not an option and we want to work together with residents and our partners, to address these challenges and bring long-term, meaningful change to the Abbey estate.

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Why we sometimes sell our homes

At Flagship, our vision is to solve the housing crisis. And to fulfil this, we must continue to build more homes, but also continuously improve the homes we offer.

One of the ways we do this is to renew them, selling some of our older, inefficient, or less suitable homes so that we can reinvest in new, replacement homes - which will help support tenants for the long term.

Most of the homes that we sell have become empty for one reason or another. And at this point, it’s a good opportunity for us to assess their quality, suitability, and investment requirements – helping us to make an informed decision for the long term, and minimise the impact on our tenants.

Unfortunately, the money generated is not always reinvested in the same town or village. But our ambitious new homes programme ensures that we continue to provide significantly more new homes than we sell, and that we can continue to provide our tenants with affordable, high-quality homes for generations to come.  

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Selling isn't a decision we take lightly

We know that selling existing homes isn’t always popular, and it’s not a decision we ever take lightly.  But at times it’s a necessary step so that we continue to improve the quality of our homes.

Where we do opt to sell, our preference in the first instance is to offer the opportunity to like-minded organisations, with a strong social purpose, local presence, or long-term interest in the area. So if you're one of those, please get in contact using the link below. 

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