Solving the housing crisis in the East of England


Our approach

Our approach to place-led interventions aims to enhance the lives and opportunities of our tenants. We put people before property. By understanding the environment from the community’s perspective, before considering changes to the built environment, we can promote the health, happiness and wellbeing of our tenants and wider residents.

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Meaningful change

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We want to work in partnership with tenants, wider residents and communities. We listen to people to understand what matters most. Through our conversations, we can shape the future together.

We do this to enhance lives and opportunities, delivering long-lasting, meaningful change for generations to come.

Abbey Estate - Thetford

Since 2019, we’ve been speaking with residents on the Abbey estate in Norfolk, to understand what matters to them. As a result, we know that whilst there is a strong community spirit, there are significant issues too; issues which will likely be worsened by the coronavirus pandemic.

We know that doing nothing is not an option and we want to work together with residents and our partners, to address these challenges and bring long-term, meaningful change to the Abbey estate.


We listen to people to

understand what matters most


Community consultation

Residents have been asked to help to shape the future of their community. In June, we began consulting local people on possible options and ideas for the Abbey, which had been developed in response to themes highlighted by the people who live there.

We've now completed four stages of community consultation and residents have had their say on different options and a range of improvements for the future. Soon, we'll develop plans based on their feedback and hope to present a community preferred option in Summer 2022.

Any resident wishing to find out more can do so, by visiting:

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