Solving the housing crisis in the East of England

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Fulfilling our vision

We exist to provide homes and create sustainable communities. We don’t simply want to make a difference to our tenants – we want to solve the housing crisis too. We know this requires more than just an increase in new affordable homes. That's why we're focused on investing in our existing assets, developing technologies, and using imaginative methods for service delivery. 

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New affordable homes &

investment into existing ones

G1:V1 Gradings

We have retained our Governance and Financial Viability status from the Regulator of Social Housing – the highest possible rating a housing association can receive.

A2 Moody's Rating

Our strong performance is reflected both financially and through the services we provide. Moody’s has awarded us a credit rating of A2.

Key numbers

2020/21 summary



(2019/20: £22.2m)



(2019/20: £798.5m)

Rent arrears


(2019/20: 3.9%)

Cost per home


(2019/20: £2,817)

Operating profit


(2019/20: £69.5m)

Environmental, Social & Governance

We cannot fulfil our vision of solving the housing crisis in the East of England without being innovative and progressive. We’re passionate out providing high quality, affordable, safe, and sustainable homes. But we strive for more and want our tenants to live in successful, safe, inclusive and sustainable communities too.

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) report showcases the positive impact of our work in improving the built and natural environment, reducing our carbon emissions, improving places, and making a positive impact on our tenants' quality of life.

As an early adopter of the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing, lenders and investors can easily see how we perform against 48 indicators on ESG issues. Our ESG framework makes it easier to identify ESG risks and pursue opportunities to create positive social and environmental outcomes. 

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Social impact

We use our knowledge and expertise to work together to make a real difference to the lives of our tenants and their communities. Our social impact work focuses on solving the housing crisis by providing homes, creating sustainable communities, and ending homelessness.

We also support the local economy by providing opportunities for local people through employment, apprenticeships, and training.

We have 32,000 homes across the East of England, working with 20 local authorities. In 2020, we invested £70m into building new homes and £59m into improving our existing ones. 

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If you’re a potential investor who would you like to know more about Flagship, then please get in touch. We’re always happy to discuss opportunities with likeminded investors who want to help us fulfil our vision of solving the housing crisis in the East of England.