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About us

We build homes, let, improve, and maintain them. We don’t simply want to make a difference to our tenants and their communities – we want to solve the housing crisis too. To help us, we build homes for sale, reinvesting any profit we make where it’s needed most - we call it profit for purpose.

What we do

We give our people the freedom to try new things and do whatever they need, to solve problems in doing what’s right for our tenants. After all, we know that great people doing great things delivers outstanding customer service. But we know we can do more.

There is an acute housing crisis. Above average and inconsistent property prices, too few homes for local needs, ageing housing stock and an ageing population are all tough challenges to crack. By spending money wisely, improving relentlessly and working together in partnership with other businesses, housing associations and local authorities, we can fulfil our vision. As Flagship Group we can make a difference, but together we can solve the housing crisis.


Our strategy

Graphic showing Flagship Group's updated strategy design for October 2023. There are 5 circular elements going left to right; the title Our Strategy in a grey circle wthe the Flagship logo. Our purpose (providing homes and creating sustainable communities) in a purple circle with an icon of a hand holding a house. Our values (great people doing great things, relentlessly improving performance, spending money wisely, delivering outstanding customer service) in a green circle with a heart icon. Our drivers (we are passionate about providing high-quality homes, we can be the best landlord in the UK, our financial driver is reinvesting the profit we make where it's needed most, in an orange circle with a cog icon. Our vision (solving the housing crisis) in a blue circle with an icon of a house made by four interlocking jigsaw pieces.

Our structure

Flagship Group has over 32,000 homes and is financially strong. We’re structured in a way that allows us to have the biggest impact towards solving the housing crisis.

Our Group is made up of housing, repairs, and gas subsidiaries, along with our own homelessness charity. We call it a federated structure.


Our strong financial performance is reflected by our Moody’s credit rating of A2 and our financial viability rating of V2, given by the Regulator of Social Housing. Their confidence in our strategy and financial viability supports us to fulfil our vision of solving the housing crisis.

Our Board

Our Board of Directors is made up of Non-Executive Directors, along with our Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Strategic Officer. The Board has overall responsibility for setting strategic priorities and monitoring performance against them.


Our procurement activities are bound by both our own Financial Regulations and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR), to ensure equal treatment in tendering for new contracts.
Tender opportunities above PCR threshold are advertised on the Crown Commercial Service UK Government Contracts Finder website.

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Join our team

At Flagship, you’ll be surrounded by great people who are doing great things. Our people have the freedom to try new things and do whatever they need to solve problems. Because we know that our people are the key to us solving the housing crisis.