Solving the housing crisis in the East of England


Social impact

We use our knowledge and expertise to make a real difference to the lives of our tenants and their communities. Our social impact work helps us to solve the housing crisis by providing homes, creating sustainable communities, and ending homelessness.

Making a difference

We support the local economy by providing opportunities for people through employment, education and training. As a Group, we employ 1,435 people and create award winning apprenticeships.

We have 32,000 homes across the East of England, working with 20 local authorities. In 2020, we invested £70m into building new homes and £59m into improving our existing ones. 


The work we do matters

because the lives we help matter

Building homes

Making homes available and affordable for all is easy to say but hard to deliver on. We don’t simply want to make a difference to our tenants and their communities – we want to solve the housing crisis too. To help us, we build homes for sale, reinvesting any profit we make where it’s needed most - we call it profit for purpose.



We’re here for the long term. We want to ensure people can access high quality, affordable homes, which are part of a sustainable community. We understand that locations can have a greater influence on people’s lives, with the power to enhance or constrain opportunities for those that live there.

During the lifetime of a home, many locations will change beyond recognition; their purpose, their services, facilities and community. Some may struggle to provide a practical, and affordable base for people to live, to work, and thrive for years to come. That's where we come in. 

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Partnership working

By spending money wisely, improving relentlessly and working together in partnership with other businesses, housing associations and local authorities, we can fulfil our vision of solving the housing crisis. If you would like to find out more about our existing partners or working with us – click below to find out more.

Ending homelessness

Our charity, Hopestead, is our commitment to ending homelessness is the East of England. Hopestead gives its time, resources, skills and money to tackle the causes and impacts of homelessness, as well as homelessness itself. By working in partnership with other organisations that share our commitment, we can meet our ambitious goal.