Moody's credit ratings for Flagship updated to A2

Moody's Investors Service has confirmed the credit rating of Flagship Housing Group Limited and Flagship Finance PLC at A2, changing the outlook from negative to stable. 


This positive shift is influenced by a gradual decrease in inflation, with Moody's anticipating that housing association income will outpace cost growth. This, in turn, is expected to support operating margins and interest coverage ratios in the medium term.


The improved outlook is also a result of strategic measures taken by Flagship Group within the regulatory framework to maintain robust liquidity levels and counter challenges in the operating environment. These actions, including actively managing sales market exposure, position Flagship Group well for continued growth.

Jonthan McManus, Group CFO said: “Our sustained A2 credit rating and the shift to a stable outlook affirm our commitment to financial resilience. The positive trajectory is a testament to our strategic response to market dynamics, ensuring Flagship remains robust in a changing landscape.

We're focused on maintaining healthy liquidity and navigating challenges, setting the stage for continued growth."

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