06 November 2019

We’ve launched a ‘Men’s Forum’ to create a stigma-free workplace

We’ve launched a ‘Men’s Forum’ – a monthly get together for men across the business to discuss mental health and offer support to one another. The forum is headed-up by senior management from RFT, Victory and Flagship and was introduced following the success of ‘Girls at 31’, our workplace WI, which is committed to making change and empowering women.

Mental health is important to Flagship, with 10% of our employees trained as mental health first aiders, helping to create a stigma-free workplace where we can have open and honest conversations about mental and physical wellbeing.

Talking is important and so is sharing stories that could help others. David, our RFT Field Manager and mental health first aider shares his story about how he was able to help others in a male dominated construction industry, where people tend not to talk about their issues.

 “Becoming a mental health first aider has made me and the people I work with more open about our mental health.

“Before the training, I had no idea how many people were struggling. What the course gave me was a real understanding of what my colleagues may be going through.

“I come from a background in the building industry, where we tended to keep our feelings to ourselves. I think it’s really important that we all talk about mental health, wherever we work. I’ve used the knowledge I’ve gained to talk to operatives about mental health.

“The day following my training, I put into practice what I had learnt. I had an opportunity to share a mental health film with the two operatives on site. I talked to them about the training and shortly afterwards, one of the operatives asked to speak privately with me. He spoke candidly with me about his mental health and over the course of eight months, we met regularly. I was there to listen and help to steer him in the right direction. The last time we met he told me he was in a much better place.

“With Flagship bringing conversations about mental health to the forefront, I have found more and more people confident to say when they need some help. I have shared my knowledge on a number of occasions, and I feel I am making a difference.”

For more information, contact Flagship Communication Team on commsteam@flagship-group.co.uk