01 April 2021

Stress Awareness Month: The importance of creating a healthy workplace culture

Research shows that 42% of UK workers find that their work/life balance is a major cause of stress, and that this also has a huge impact on their personal lives. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic work-related stress has become more apparent, with 65% of people reporting an increase in stress levels and a deterioration in their mental health.  

Looking to tackle stress in the workplace, Flagship has a dedicated inclusion and wellbeing team to ensure staff feel confident in talking about mental health and prioritising their wellbeing, especially during this challenging time.  

Christine King, Inclusion and Wellbeing Advisor at Flagship said: “We’re committed to creating a happy and healthy workplace culture. One which enables our staff to have open and honest conversations about their mental health and view these discussions as a sign of courage and strength”.  

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic the wellbeing of staff has remained a priority. This Stress Awareness Month, Flagship is continuing to raise awareness of the impacts of stress on mental health and will be holding a series of events to help support staff with their health and provide guidance on how to improve their overall wellbeing.  

Christine continued: “Stress is our physical, mental and emotional response to a threat or perceived threat, where our fight or flight response is activated. This can be a very useful state, but it can also be very damaging. 

“It is important that we recognise stress and try to reduce and eradicate our stress as much as possible for our health, wellbeing and happiness.” 



Some of the events that will be held for staff this month include, wellbeing cafés with tips on how to create a work/life balance and quick ways to remove stress, as well as a virtual Zumba and yoga class to help staff relieve stress through movement. 

Promoting mental health and wellbeing has always been at the forefront of the Group and is a massive part of its culture. At the beginning of this year Flagship worked with Headspace to give staff the gift of a happier and healthier 2021a tool kit thelp with mindfulness and encouragement to focus on themselves.  

Christine added: “Mental health and wellbeing is something we focus on year-round, whether that be through holding awareness events, sharing mindfulness Monday tips or promoting use of the headspace app. 

“We also have 130 trained Mental Health First Aiders across the Group, who are available to provide support or just a friendly face to talk to as well as offering counselling services to staff if they need them.  

We know that creating a happy and healthy working environment and encouraging staff to look after their wellbeing will ensure our great people can continue to do great things.