26 November 2019

Our teams collaborate to give our homes at St Michael's a face lift in time for Christmas

We are relentlessly looking at ways to improve our customers’ homes and estates. Our Asset Management Team have been busy working closely with RFT and the Estates Team to identify upgrades and deliver repairs in a somewhat a ‘DIY SOS’ approach in time for Christmas. 

“By collaborating and working closer together we can achieve more.” says Mark Lincoln, Flagship’s Capital Programmes Manager. “By building better working relationships across the business, we have been able to capture as many issues as possible in our customers’ homes and deliver upgrades more efficiently. And therefore, spend our money wisely”.

St Michaels close lends itself perfectly for a collaborative approach”, says RFT’s Mark Kirby, who has been responsible for delivering most of capital programmes within RFT and also organising all windows and doors in communal areas.

John Whittaker, Operations Manager for RFT helped with the painting programme. Mark Lincoln organised all balcony improvements and Matt Smith has provided electrical upgrades throughout.

Keeping things moving in the right direction was Keith Hammond. Keith, who project managed the site and ensured the number of activities came together smoothly said, “apart from the obvious visual aspect, the security and overall use to communal areas was a high priority for us. The feedback we have received is that the works are appreciated by our customers and reports from the local community is all good. A great example of how investing in our places can build stronger communities for the benefit to all”.  

We know partnerships are key to helping us to achieve our ambitious development programme and create the funds needed to continuously improve our current properties. By working closer together and taking a ‘project managed’ approach, rather than working as individual companies, we can work more effectively to provide homes for people in need and move one step closer to solving the housing crisis in the East of England.