Solving the housing crisis in the East of England



Flagship on the rise in Inside Housing’s Biggest Builders survey

Flagship Group has climbed the ranks of the country’s most prominent builders, according to Inside Housing’s Biggest Builders survey. The Group has risen in two significant categories: Completions, indicating how many houses were completed in the last year, and Pipeline, showing how many planned completions there are in the coming year.

Inside Housing’s survey covers housing associations across the country and ranks the top 50.

2021-2022 was a record year across the UK, with a 16% national increase in completed new homes over the previous year – amounting to over 40,000.

The Group completed 655 new homes, helping the organisation climb three places to 26th from 29th and taking the total housing stock to over 32,000.

Speaking on the improved placings, Managing Director of Flagship Homes Tony Tann said: "I know I speak for the whole organisation when I say I’m thrilled to see Flagship continuing to rise in these national standings, a direct result of the enormous efforts from the likes of our Development team.

We haven’t lost sight of our vision of solving the housing crisis in the East of England, and these statistics prove it. And, we’ll keep aiming higher and higher to become the best landlord in the country for the good of all our tenants."

In the Pipeline rankings, Flagship climbed seven places from 23rd to 16th with an expected 909 completions in the coming year.

These improved positions demonstrate that Flagship has kept, and will maintain, the vision of solving the housing crisis in the East of England front and centre.

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