Accessibility Options

We have built our website to ensure it is completely accessible to as many people as possible, regardless if they have an impairment or disability.

Our website conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium's level AA guidelines for accessibility. Maintaining accessibility levels is an on-going process and we continually work on developing our website to offer a user friendly experience for everyone.  If you experience any issues when using our website please contact us by completing this form Web Feedback


All of our websites use cascading style sheets (CSS) for visual layout. All pages are built using a structured mark-up, so if your browser or browsing device does not support style sheets (or you choose to turn them off) the main content on each page is still readable.

Our websites also use relative font sizes - you can choose to adjust the size of the text if you find it too small or too large to read. One easy way if using a PC is (in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers) you can adjust text size by holding down the CTRL key and pressing the + and - keys. Windows users with a wheel mouse can adjust text size by holding the CTRL key and turning the wheel. If viewing our website on a tablet or mobile phone, you can pinch the screen to zoom in/out accordingly.

Navigation assistance: keyboard or mouse?

If you have restricted mobility or wish to avoid repetitive strain injury, you may find it useful to use your keyboard instead of your mouse to navigate our website. By using the Tab button on your keyboard, it is possible to navigate and access all areas of our website. The Tab key allows you to move and browse amongst the menus and links displayed on each page, and pressing Enter will activate your request for a particular menu or link. The arrow keys on the keyboard will enable you to move up or down the page or from left to right. If using a mobile device, you can navigate around the site just by touching your screen or swiping left or right.

Contrast and colour options to improve readability

We provide our users with the option to change the colour contrast. If you have limited or impaired vision, you may find this website feature useful.

This website's change contrast option provides a high contrast viewing option. The page contrast option switches the text to yellow and the background to black. The page can easily be changed back to the default contrast. We have also considered the needs of users who are colour-blind by selecting colour combinations with sufficient contrast between foreground and background.

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is a free translation service that provides instant translations between different languages. By having Google Translate on our website, we can reach out and communicate as widely as possible, and with customers whose first language is not English.